From 1 August, our celebrated Discover Manchester walk is free. Simply show up on the day at 1100 at Manchester Central Library and enjoy a ninety-minute tour of the original, modern city with our qualified guides. You are welcome to tip your guide at the end of the walk.


Jonathan Schofield

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Jonathan Schofield has been a Blue Badge Guide since 1996 and has taken 105 different nationalities around the North West of England.

He has featured on several TV productions and is a well-known commentator on Manchester and the NW through the online magazine, Manchester Confidential.

He has written several books including the Manchester:The Complete Guide. He conducts a huge number of general and specialist tours each year ranging from the academic to the popular, from radical politics to pubs and ghosts. His philosophy as a guide is have the knowledge but be entertaining and know the modern city as well.

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